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It’s good to do something different.

Just back from Sheffield and KrebsFest for which I developed a simulation-like game where bugs multiply and phagocytes (aka white blood cells) attempt to eat them up. The action was projected large against the wall of the University’s Firth Court and actually controlled by the assembled masses waving red or green glow-sticks. It certainly made a change to my usual projects. A good bit was the simulation itself. I really enjoy creating simple rule sets for my game characters and just letting them make their own way within their environment and they don’t get much simpler than bacteria. I was using Unity to develop the game and it’s object orientated approach fitted nicely with the concept of independent cells. So I created a basic bacteria that could reproduce itself a limited number of times and provided a variable that dictated the rate of this reproduction. Once … Continue reading

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Press Me

Sunday evening I clicked the PUBLISH button on my first fully owned Android game and a couple of hours later it went live. Not that anyone noticed. Not a great marketing strategy that -releasing a game without telling anyone – but it was such a big button, a tempting button – so I pressed it. People often ask me what I’m doing when I’m between jobs and I say “Oh you know, working on my own projects.” I can see in their eyes that they don’t believe me and to be honest I don’t blame them. It’s like when an actor says they’re ‘resting’ between roles, that’s ok if they’re successful but not so good if it’s been 6 years since that bit part in an advert. Well I have been working , I’ve always been working. These home grown projects are varied with subjects ranging … Continue reading

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