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Cute Cat Slots

Sunday evening I clicked the PUBLISH button on my first fully owned Android game and a couple of hours later it went live. Not that anyone noticed. Not a great marketing strategy that -releasing a game without telling anyone – but it was such a big button, a tempting button – so I pressed it.

People often ask me what I’m doing when I’m between jobs and I say “Oh you know, working on my own projects.” I can see in their eyes that they don’t believe me and to be honest I don’t blame them. It’s like when an actor says they’re ‘resting’ between roles, that’s ok if they’re successful but not so good if it’s been 6 years since that bit part in an advert.

Well I have been working , I’ve always been working.

These home grown projects are varied with subjects ranging from lemming-like nuns in Italian convents , through isometric Egyptologists battling curses, to ambitious re-imaginings of a Shadowfire style universe (of which you might hear more). But unfortunately they’ve all got one thing in common – they remain unfinished. They just needed too many resources or required too much time to complete. This is upsetting as I think finishing stuff is important. Anyone can have ideas, anyone can make plans but it’s the realisation of those plans and ideas that makes the difference.

The problem is finishing stuff is hard, I needed a project that I could finish.

So I sat down and considered genres that are simple to execute, are reasonably popular and can cope with adverts and decided on a ‘Slots’ game. Not altogether an easy decision as in my time I’ve produced games that I’m really proud of and I’ve still got that nagging feeling that I’ve somehow sold out. It goes without saying that I’d have liked my first game to have been deep and significant but in the end I’d much rather have one that is finished and not hidden away in a folder on my desktop.

Typically once I’d decided on a Slots game, I went for it and added cats!

Whilst it seemed simple, actually finishing ‘Cute Cat Slots’ was still lengthy and difficult, there are some shoddy, bug-ridden slot games out there and I didn’t want mine to be one of them. But after a lot of hard work it’s done and surprise, surprise I find myself rather proud of it.

Cute Cat Slots is totally free so if you’ve an Android phone or tablet download it and give it a spin, click on an advert or two and then give it five stars if you would.


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