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Press Me

Sunday evening I clicked the PUBLISH button on my first fully owned Android game and a couple of hours later it went live. Not that anyone noticed. Not a great marketing strategy that -releasing a game without telling anyone – but it was such a big button, a tempting button – so I pressed it. People often ask me what I’m doing when I’m between jobs and I say “Oh you know, working on my own projects.” I can see in their eyes that they don’t believe me and to be honest I don’t blame them. It’s like when an actor says they’re ‘resting’ between roles, that’s ok if they’re successful but not so good if it’s been 6 years since that bit part in an advert. Well I have been working , I’ve always been working. These home grown projects are varied with subjects ranging … Continue reading

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First Post

For those that don’t know, my name is John Heap and I welcome you to my new venture Heap Industries. Ok, Heap Industries may not be the most imaginative name in the world but it does the job. It links the business to me personally and sounds like I actually do some work. I’ve been in computer games for some time – I was a  programmer with Imagine Software in the early eighties and spent the next twenty five years at Denton Designs and Rage Software. Since then I’ve been freelancing, working on various games and applications for others. Freelancing is great, it pays the bills and stops me worrying. However there’s always that feeling of just treading water. I’m not creating anything of any lasting value (to me) and so, after each contract ends, I’m left in the same water, … Continue reading

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